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Our designation as a registered investment advisor means that Cookson Financial has a fiduciary duty to our clients, and we will always put our clients’ interests first. We receive no sales commissions or fees based on any of the investments we suggest, nor do we have any of our own financial products to push. Therefore, our clients can feel secure that our recommendations are objective, and free of any conflicts of interest. Our success is based on one thing— developing successful long term relationships with our clients.

Investment Policy Development and Implementation
Whether you are an experienced investor, or feel overwhelmed by the idea of developing an investment plan, we will provide a comprehensive review of your portfolio, and make the appropriate recommendations to make sure you are on track to meet your goals. We have access to virtually any investment vehicle available today, and will be happy to help you find the option that fits best with your unique situation.

Cookson Financial determines a customized plan for each client based upon their individual tolerance for risk, as well as their financial needs and goals. Obviously the risk profile for different investors varies based on age, income, dependents, retirement goals, and many other factors. And just as importantly, it may depend on the personal comfort level of an investor— the “sleep well at night” factor. After an appropriate allocation is established for our clients, their portfolio is monitored and each portion kept within certain predetermined limits through periodic rebalancing. We consider tax implications important, and keep them in mind both when selecting investments, and when timing necessary adjustments in taxable accounts.

Cookson Financial generally seeks investments for our clients with low fees, high liquidity, and low tax liability. In order to also provide suitable diversification for investors, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF”S) are the predominant investment vehicle used, particularly due to their generally low fees, and high liquidity. We believe that some Mutual Fund Managers add value, particularly in certain asset classes, in which case Cookson Financial will utilize them. Also, there are some situations that will require the purchase or holding of individual securities.

Concentrated Stock Positions and Low Cost Basis Stock Transition
Many investors find themselves in a situation with an overly concentrated position in one holding, often with a low cost basis. The resulting tax implications, and diversification issues can be complicated and difficult to handle. We will work with you, and your tax professionals, to structure a plan to diversify this part of your portfolio.

Asset Allocation
We are believers in this Nobel Prize winning approach to portfolio construction. We will help you understand and avoid the pitfalls common in most asset allocation recommendations to further your understanding of this widely used diversification technique. Once we have gone through the Investment Planning Process we are in position to recommend an asset allocation strategy that fits with your needs and goals.

Statements and Reporting
In addition to monthly statements provided by Charles Schwab & Co., Cookson Financial will provide clients with a quarterly report of their portfolio detailing account positions and performance.

Periodic Maintenance and Reviews
We monitor all client portfolios in order to maintain proper allocations for their investment plans. We also believe that it is critical for long-term investment success to have regular meetings with our clients. Whether we meet quarterly, semiannually, or annually is up to you, but we highly recommend regular account check up meetings to evaluate your portfolio, and to discuss any changes or concerns in your financial situation.

Interface with CPAs and Attorneys
Ensuring a seamless interface between the professionals working on your behalf is very important to us. We look forward to getting to know your CPA and attorney to coordinate services and to make sure the best plan is in place for your situation.

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